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Pierre Lellouche, Minister of State for Foreign Trade

Pierre Lellouche was appointed Minister of State for Foreign Trade on 16 November 2010.



Member of the city of Paris and département councils and MP from 1993 to 2009, Pierre Lellouche was born in 1951 in Tunisia.

He graduated from the Faculté de Droit de Paris in 1973 and from the Institut d’Etudes Politiques in Paris in the same year. He attended Harvard Law School, earning an LLM (1974) and a SJD (1979). He is a member of the Paris Bar, a specialist on geopolitics and international relations, and an editorial writer.


After completing his military service, Pierre Lellouche joined the Groupe d’Etudes et de Recherches sur les Problèmes Internationaux (GERPI) at the Maison des Sciences de l’Homme, under Raymond ARON.

From 1979 to 1988, he co-founded and was one of the leaders of the French Institute of International Relations (IFRI). During his tenure, he was responsible for the strategic policy section and was deputy editor of the review Politique Etrangère. At the same time, his editorial contributions appeared in a number of newspapers and journals, including Le Point, Newsweek, the International Herald Tribune and Sekai Nippo (Tokyo). He teaches at ENA, INSEAD, various military schools and at Galatasaray University (Istanbul).

In January 1989, he was appointed diplomatic adviser to Jacques CHIRAC, Mayor of Paris and President of the Rally for the Republic party (RPR), while continuing his activities as an editorialist (Le Point, Le Figaro and Newsweek), a teacher and an international consultant.

Elected offices

Pierre Lellouche was elected (at the first round) at the House of Representatives in 1993, and was re-elected in 1997, 2002 and 2007, representing the fourth constituency of the city of Paris. He has been a member of the city of Paris and département councils since March 2001.

Other positions

He is a member of the National Defence and Armed Forces House of Representative Committee of the Delegation for the European Union, as well as Chairman of the Franco-Indian Parliamentary Friendship Group. He chairs the French Delegation to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, and from 2004 to 2006, he was Chairman of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly itself.

Political functions

Member of the Policy Bureau at the Union for a Popular Movement party (UMP)., Pierre Lellouche was appointed in April 2004 Deputy Secretary-General responsible for surveys, before being named in January 2005 Délégué Général à la Défense du Mouvement (Delegate-General for the Defence of the party), reporting to Nicolas Sarkozy.
As the French Government’s envoy for the ITER project, he negotiated the location of an experimental reactor at Cadarache with the European Union and the members of the ITER consortium – USA, Japan, South Korea, Russia and China. In March 2008, he was appointed Chargé de Mission to the French President, for French-Turkish relations. In March 2009, he became France’s Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan.

From June 2009 to November 2010, he served as Minister of State for European Affairs.

Parliamentary work

Pierre LELLOUCHE authored a Bill to stiffen penalties for anti-Semitic and racist offences, which was adopted unanimously by the House of Representative on 10 December 2002. The "Lellouche Law" was promulgated on 3 February 2003. He has led several fact-finding missions and has published various parliamentary reports on taxation of the art market (1999 and 2003), food security (1999), nuclear proliferation (2000), issues of defence and disarmament (2003) and the status and protection of journalists in wartime (2006).


Pierre Lellouche is the author of a number of articles and books, including:

  • L'Allié Indocile, de la Guerre froide à l'Afghanistan, Editions du Moment (2009)
  • Illusions Gauloises, Editions Grasset (2006)
  • La République Immobile, Editions Grasset (1998)
  • Le Nouveau Monde, de l'ordre de Yalta au désordre des nations, Editions Grasset (1992)
  • Prix aujourd'hui, Hachette Pluriel, 1993
  • Le Millénaire de l'Apocalypse, Roman avec Florence Trystam, Editions Flammarion 1980)
  • Le Couple Franco-Allemand et la Défense de l'Europe, avec Karl Kaiser, IFRI-Economica (1986)
  • L'avenir de la Guerre, essai, Editions Mazarine (1985)
  • Pacifisme et Dissuasion, IFRI-Economica (1983)
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