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Government in Action: Research and Practice

Government in Action: Research and Practice is a journal launched by the research bureau of the IGPDE in order to share scientific knowledge in the field of public action towards an audience of public administrations’s practitioners.

This publication aims to promote the innovations and the current administrative transformations towards an inter-ministerial, universitary, French and international audience.

Its ambition is to closely link the worlds of scientific research and policy making by organising a continuous dialogue between their members.





Government in Action: Research and Practice - Number 1 - Autumn 2018

Editor’s Foreword
by Virginie Madelin, Managing Director of the IGPDE

The Article
Randomised controlled trials in economics: a magic pill for public policy-making?
by Arthur Jatteau

The Comparative Analysis 
What transparency means and why it matters: lessons from around the world    
by Jean-Patrick Villeneuve
The Researcher's View
Article and thesis reviews


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