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Editor’s Foreword by Geert Bouckaert, President of the International Institute of Administrative Sciences

By comparing and contrasting approaches from around the world, Government in Action: Research and Practice, bridges the divide between public policy researchers and practitioners. The International Institute of Administrative Sciences (IIAS), shares these goals and it is with great pleasure that we contribute to IGPDE’s important work by joining the partners of this publication.

Putting research to work for practitioners

The IIAS is Europe’s leading government and public policy research network. Like IGPDE, our ambition is to share the latest comparative analysis in the field – because, while the body of public policy research has grown immeasurably in recent decades, too little of that knowledge finds its way to practitioners.

It therefore comes as no surprise that we have teamed up with IGPDE, and this periodical, in an effort to bring the benefits of rigorous scientific research to those working on the front line. In doing so, we aim to put our expertise – and our academic network – to work for public policy practitioners and researchers alike.

Understanding the changing face of public policy implementation

This issue features an interview with Mike Bracken, the founder and inaugural director of the Government Digital Service, the agency tasked with transforming the provision of online public services in the UK. A noted trailblazer in public service design and an unapologetic proponent of the so-called “Platform State”, he draws on his experience as a practitioner to explore what a fully remodelled government might look like, and how authorities everywhere are grappling with the thorny question of online access to public services. Bracken also discusses these issues and more in a joint interview with Henri Verdier, the French Ambassador for Digital Affairs. A video of the interview, in English with French subtitles, is available on the IGPDE website.

In this issue, you will also find a comparative article by Christoph Demmke, professor of public management and scientific adviser to the German federal government. Prof. Demmke explores how governments are abandoning traditional models and standard practices, unveils the latest trends in human resource management, and looks ahead to what the future might hold.

I hope you enjoy reading this issue.



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