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Editor’s Foreword by Isabelle Huault, President of Paris Dauphine University

Welcome to this second issue of Government in Action: Research and Practice, a joint publication by University Paris-Dauphine’s House of Public Affairs and the French Institute for Public Management and Economic Development (IGPDE). As IGPDE Managing Director Virginie Madelin stressed in her foreword to the first issue, published in October 2018, this periodical bridges the divide between public policy researchers and practitioners.

Democratising change

University Paris-Dauphine and IGPDE share a common belief that comparing and contrasting analytical and empirical perspectives – with a healthy dose of reflective thinking – could well give rise to a new, more enlightened approach to the democratic challenges that come with the changing face of public policy-making.

Placing collective action front and centre

This second issue is designed with precisely that purpose in mind. It looks at the role of collective action in driving change through the prism of multidisciplinary research into economics, including cognitive and behavioural aspects, and drawing on insights from organisational theory and decision-making models. The first article explores how teachers are using a role-playing game to give pupils a firmer grasp – and a shared understanding – of the concept of “common goods”. The second part of this issue takes a more comparative slant, examining how the concept of co-production is giving citizens a greater say in shaping public services that work for them. True to form, the third and final section reviews a selection of academic articles and theses on themes relevant to government action.

As University Paris-Dauphine marks its 50th anniversary this year, now is as good a time as any to take stock of where we currently stand on organisational and decision-making theory. Our partnership with IGPDE is a welcome step in the right direction, placing the public sector front and centre in this theoretical framework and underscoring the critical importance of shared, open knowledge.

I hope you enjoy reading this second issue.



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