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International review on public management

Each month, the publication Monthly Notices on Public Management and its insert Responsive Public Management, based on an analysis of information sources and reports published by European and foreign public administrations, international organizations and the press, provide comparative insights into public management reforms, mainly in OECD countries.

Identification Number: ISSN 2105-0740


Monthly Notices on Public Management

To report on a monthly basis what happens in European and foreign countries, in the four main areas of public management (budget performance, governance, user relations, civil service), such is the goal pursued by "La veille internationale en brèves", created in 2009 and translated here into English.

Responsive Public Management

The second part of the publication "Responsive Public Management", translation of "Note réactive", is a two-page insert presenting one on-going reform in a specific country. It is written by one of our research analysts and is sent to subscribers along with the "Monthly Notices on Public Management".


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The four main areas of our public management international review are:
- Budget performance
- Governance
- User relations

- Civil service



Our other previous collection:

Public Management Outlook

Until June 2014 "Public Management Outlook" was a publication of the IGPDE (English version of "Perspective Gestions Publiques") benchmarking management and government action with an international point of view.