"A passion for savoir-faire"


When we celebrate French gastronomy, we honour France's culture and savoir-faire, its heritage and its identity. When UNESCO included the gastronomic meal of the French on its List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, it recognised that this common good is a major cultural heritage. It also honoured the fact that French gastronomy is a living thing that, thanks to the skill and boldness of those who orchestrate flavours and colours, lends itself to exploration and reinvention. 

This key sector in our economy is a source of growth and jobs: restaurants and caterers, small producers and local food shops together generate 100 billion euros in turnover and employ one million people. Moreover, it unites France's territories and protects what binds us together.

The scope of the Fête de la Gastronomie extends far beyond the gastronomic community itself – it is a wide-ranging economic development tool involving stakeholders from every sector: agriculture, tourism, education, culture, the solidarity-based economy, training, local authorities, etc.

For its 4th edition, we have chosen the theme of "A passion for savoir-faire" to showcase how vital it is to transmit tradition. We are especially grateful to Guillaume Gomez, the head chef at the Elysée Palace, for lending his patronage to the event.

The Fête continues to grow in popularity. Last year, 7,650 events received official approval, 103 of which took place outside France. More than 230,000 professionals took part, serving a million visitors! Each year, the Fête highlights French gastronomy and helps the entire sector to grow.

The French government is tireless in its efforts to meet the structural needs of the sector's professionals, supporting them as they face up to new challenges. The Responsibility and Solidarity Pact helps businesses, particularly small ones, to be more competitive. It is also an effective stimulant for employment (especially for young people), purchasing power and vocational training, and boosts the appeal of a number of professions. The Craft Industries and Trades, Commerce and Very Small Businesses Act helps protect craft workers and local businesses. The Consumer Affairs Act promotes the importance of quality and savoir-faire to consumers.

In the 18th century, Thomas Jefferson, American ambassador to France, reportedly remarked, "Every man has two countries: his own and France." France's art of living, its high standards with respect to taste and quality, the rich variety of its local products, the savoir-faire of its artisans – all combine to make it an outstanding gastronomic nation that appeals to every one of the senses!


Emmanuel MACRON

Ministry for the Economy, Industry and Digital Affairs

Carole DELGA

Ministry of State for Commerce, Craft Industries and Trades, Consumer Affairs and the Social and Solidarity-based Economy


26, 27 and 28 September 2014 – your passport to the world of French gastronomy!







The Fête de la Gastronomie is a nationwide celebration offering a series of official events that bring together chefs, businesses, craft workers, trade federations and local authorities. In 2013, the Fête was turned into a three-day event. It offers a genuine opportunity for every stakeholder in France's gastronomy landscape to design ambitious and festive events – public feasts, tastings, special menus in restaurants, visits to businesses and farms, exhibitions, conferences and even street events.

The Fête is a strategic project for France and for the highlighting of its heritage. The wide range of its stakeholders are well matched, and include those from the fields of gastronomy, farming, tourism, education, culture, the solidarity-based economy, training, local authorities, and more. This major annual festival offers a convivial, heart-warming venue where French citizens and visitors to France can come together for moments of pleasure and discovery, and where they can share their common passion.

Get involved

The Fête website,

-list and promote projects. Everyone, including businesses, trade federations, artisans, chefs, local authorities and individuals, can include their event to receive the Fête de la Gastronomie 2014 label along with a communication kit.

-Will publish the programme for the Fête de la Gastronomie, including feasts, live shows, menus, conferences, events for kids, etc. in every part of the country.



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