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High Council for Financial Stability

The Haut Conseil de stabilité financière (HCSF - High Council for Financial Stability) is tasked with supervising the financial system as a whole, with the aim of safeguarding its stability and ensuring a sustainable contribution of the financial sector to economic growth.The HCSF also aims to facilitate the cooperation and exchange of information between the institutions that its members represent. These exchanges help to eliminate blind spots in the financial supervisions, and allows for a better oversight of risks arising from interlinkages between participants/sectors and interactions between regulations.

Latest publications
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Diagnostic des risques liés à l'immobilier
Note - Diagnostic des risques dans le secteur de l'immobilier résidentiel - 1er octobre 2019
Recommandation_R-2019-1 du 20 décembre 2019
Notice associée à la recommandation R-2019-1
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