Agency for Public Intangibles of France

Agency for Public Intangibles of France (PDF - )

The mandate of APIE (Agency for Public Intangibles of France) is to help the nation meet the challenge of an economy in which wealth lies increasingly in  intangible assets. In today’s world, image and reputation; knowledge and  know-how; statistical, legal, and geographic data, and research have become scarce and coveted resources.

In these areas, the State possesses considerable capital of which it is, in many cases, largely unaware. By identifying and leveraging that capital, we can build greater appreciation for the State’s intangible heritage, modernize public administration, and spawn new areas of economic activity that generate wealth and employment.

To achieve this goal, we must learn to recognize, measure, and harness our latent wealth, using tools that for the most part have yet to be invented.

Although our ministries’ public service mandates remain their highest priority, they can also adjust proactively to changing times by identifying new resources and engaging in effective, coherent dialogue with the private sector for the benefit of the entire economy.

The public interest is no longer the realm of the State alone. It emerges from a complex process involving a wide variety of input from the public and private sectors. When specialized points of contact in the government provide businesses with swift, professional, thoughtful, and relevant responses to their needs, they foster a more positive view of government, including higher esteem for civil servants and the understanding that services rendered should be adequately rewarded.

APIE views itself as a laboratory for State modernization. A team of trailblazers have taken up a new challenge: making the intangible the key component of value creation, uncovering and building recognition for talent, while loyally upholding the primary values that underpin public policy.

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